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Monday thoughts and a call to action

This is one of the eeriest things I have ever seen. Better than any Hollywood movie because its real. Be sure to catch the movie.

And, turning to the world of politics and fake journalism. One of the funniest guys on TV, John Stewart of “The Daily Show”, recently went on the CNN show “Crossfire” and basically handed the two host their asses. He charges them with “hurting” America and being “hacks”. He even calls co-host Tucker Carlson a “dick”. Finally, someone goes on one of those so-called “hard-hitting” shows and really speaks his mind. You go John.

You can watch the fireworks by getting it from bittorrent or watch it at iFilm. Or, for a good read, get the transcript.

Many others are commenting on this as well. Among them, Charles Taylor at I think he gets it right on the money.

And, very important. In many states (California included) today, Monday, October 18th, is the last day to register to vote. To be able to vote your registration form needs to be postmarked by midnight tonight. Other states deadlines can be found here.

You can download registration forms and info from Physical forms are available at the post office, library or at your local registrar of voters. To find the location of the nearest registrar of voters, go to

Don’t wait. Download the form, fill it out and drop it in the mail. This is too important this time to wait until later. So, stop reading this, get the form, fill it out and send it in.

Still here? I said go.


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