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America, f**k yeah!


Been busy this week but managed to see a movie and I have to talk about it a little. I went to see “Team America: World Police” and all I can say is f**k yeah! What a funny movie. I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time. I especially loved the jabs at Hollywood and actors who think that they have an informed opinion. It was a great time at the movies and went to great lengths to offend just about everyone.

I don’t want to get into the plot too much and spoil it for you but here’s a little bit. A group of actors join forces with a North Korean dictator who is planning a large terrorist attack. The only thing that stands in their way is Team America: World Police.

There are gun battles, martial arts fights, hot sex, explosions and even songs. And its all done with puppets. Yes, I said puppets. It’s a great idea and after a few minutes you don’t really care that you are watching puppets. What the puppets are saying and doing is so funny that you just go along with it.

I have seen thousands of movies in my life and I consider this one of the great comedies of all time. It works as a comedy, as political satire and as an adventure movie. And did I mention its all done with puppets?

Now, the movie is rated “R” for a reason. There is bloody violence, sex and lots of uses of the “f” word. It’s best audience is probably young males who will eat it up. I went with two male buddies of mine and we all loved it. You could try bringing the girlfriend or the wife but definitely, leave the kids at home.

Oh, I definitely recommend the soundtrack, especially for Team America’s rousing theme song: “America, f**k yeah!” and a tender love ballad about how much the hero misses his girl “just a little bit less than Peal Harbor sucked”. Yes, they even make fun of Michael Bay’s movie “Pearl Harbor”. I know, I was shocked too.

So, go out and see the movie and be prepared to laugh your ass off.


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