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John Stewart mania and less inspiring news

John Stewart on C-Span right after his appearence on “Corssfire”. Must see TV.

Also, the British Armed Forces have officially recognized a naval technician as a satanist, meaning that he can conduct satanic rituals on board the HMS Cumberland. This is a first for them, obviously. What can they say? The devil made them do it?

And, from the “what the fuck are they doing?” department:

It seems that hundreds of tons of high explosives are, ah, how do you say it . . . . . gone. At least according to the United Nations watchdog group, the International Atomic Energy Agency, that was keeping an eye on the explosives before the war.

My personal favorite quote from Melissa Fleming, spokesperson for the group: “Our immediate concern is that if the explosives did fall into the wrong hands they could be used to commit terrorist acts and some of the bombings that we’ve seen,” Fleming said.

You think? Oh, who was watching the explosives after the IAEA left Iraq? Why us, of course. Think about this when you go to the polls people.


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