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Apple Stuff

Apple launched a few new toys this week. Among them, the new Photo IPod and the cool U2 iPod. In basic black, as I predicted.


The Photo iPod lets you look at pictures on its color screen and sports a longer battery life of 15 hours! Better than the old iPods but for the price, it should be.

The U2 iPod is cool but I don’t like U2 enough to shell out the bucks for it. Besides, I already have a few iPods around the house and really, I’m waiting for the gold encrusted ABBA edition anyway.

It is nice to look at though.


Also, CNET is reporting that the Virginia Tech supercomputer a.k.a System X, which is made up of lots of G5 XServes (1100 to be exact), has reached 12.25 Teraflops.

For those non-geeks in the audience, that’s a crap load of computing power. This makes it in the top 5 of supercomputers in the world. Look out NEC earth simulator, we’re coming for you!


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