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Happy Birthday Internet

CBC is reporting about the 35th birthday of the internet, which is today. The story talks about the less-than-prophetic beginnings of the net: ‘In order to log in to the two-computer network, which was then called ARPANET, programmers at UCLA were to type in ‘log’, and Stanford programmers would reply with ‘in’. The UCLA programmers only got as far as ‘lo’ before the Stanford machine crashed.’

Must have been running Windows. No, of course not. Windows wasn’t even around then. Ahh, the good old days.

To celebrate in LA, their is a big event going on at UCLA today with speakers and such, all talking about the internet. Where’s its come from and where its going. Notably, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, will discuss the future of the internet and how Google will come to dominate the world as we know it.

I hope the internet doesn’t get too drunk and make a fool of itself.


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