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Election Day

I’m sure I don’t have to say it so I won’t. (go out and vote today). Oh well, I said it anyway. It seems like many people are quite eager to cast a vote today. If the long lines are any indication. Some people even lined up last night.

I’m feeling pretty good today and optimistic so I will say that this bodes well for John Kerry. Let’s see if that optimism holds true as the day progresses.

And it also seems like their are a few problems already with voting machines and procedures in some states, as fellow blogger Megan Powell can attest.

And another blogger and voter Brian Nicks has a nice photo of the error he got when trying to use the electronic voting machine at his polling place. What about errors 1 through 8? Whose keeping track of those?

Ok, that’s it on the election stuff for now. I think I will just relax for awhile and then do some work later today as people go out and vote — silently exercising their rights.

Whatever the arguments or the spin, this fundamental right is one of the main reasons that this country is such a great place to live.

Happy voting all.

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