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Kerry Concedes

John Kerry called President Bush to concede just a few minutes ago. So, it would appear that we are in for four more years of W. Unless some miracle happens in Ohio. Not holding my breath for that one.

Congrats to John Kerry and his team for running a great campaign. And, reluctantly, to President Bush and his people for the same. That “flip-flopper” mantra really worked.

I only hope that President Bush realizes that he needs to take a hard look at the number of people that voted for John Kerry and finally fulfill the promise he made in 2000 to be a uniter and not a divider. This country needs a leader and deserves a leader that can do that.

And, now that he is President again, we have the opportunity to hold him and his administration accountable for all the messes they have made. If John Kerry had been elected, it would have been an uphill battle for him all the way, especially with a GOP dominated Congress.

President Bush will have to face the consequences of his own policies. He has no excuses. I hope he succeeds. But, nobody should give him an easy time of it if things don’t improve.

American gave him a second chance. He needs to prove it was the right decision.

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