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In other news (maybe some politics as well)

The eight-nation Arctic Council is reporting that the icecaps are melting at twice the normal rate, due to global warming. The four year study will be officially released next week. Maybe President Bush will pay more attention to the environment now and spend some of that “currency” he says he got on Tuesday to protect our resources. Not holding my smog-covered breath on that one.

Your friends and mine, the Motion Picture Association of America are preparing to follow in the RIAA’s footsteps by suing movie “pirates”. The MPAA says it will make “a major announcement regarding illegal file sharing of motion pictures on peer-to-peer networks” soon. Maybe today. Watch out you bad people that I don’t know. Loose my number, dammit!

Another reason to use text-only email instead of HTML email. You know who you are. The latest phishing scams overwrites your banking bookmark with bogus sites where they’ll collect your login and password, and the email does this without any action on your part. So, don’t use HTML email. Ok? Unless you enjoy giving your banking info to scammers. If you really want to give it to someone, send it to me to support my blog. We need the dough.

And, because I can’t resist politics these days. Apparently, E-voting went mostly without a hitch on Tuesday. It was the first extensive use of electronic voting machines and only about 600 or so problems were reported. On the other hand, the Election Protection Coalition reports over 1,000 problems, including touch screens that switched votes away from Kerry.

I guess its good that their were so few problems with E-voting. Maybe we will get to get to the point that we can vote on the internet. That might get out the youth vote. Maybe. We’ll see in 2008.


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