And now for something completely different (er, I mean the same)

Here we go again. War in Iraq III – This time, its a mandate! We are now in the third phase of the Iraq war. We are going to take Falluja, no matter what.

And, less than a week since President Bush’s “clear victory”. Advisors close to W spell out ideas for his second term. Check out the info here and more here.

My favorite part deals with the idea of a “regime change” in Iran and North Korea. I guess that’s one positive thing about the war in Iraq (maybe the only positive thing) As long as we are stuck in Iraq, we can’t invade anywhere else.

It’s very difficult for me to believe that we have eyes on invading Iran and North Korea. Are we really that stupid? Although, “regime change” doesn’t necessarily mean invasion. Let’s hope its just a colorful euphemism for something far less suicidal.

And, at least one conservative warns about overkill when President Bush inevitably gets to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Let’s hope he isn’t the only one that tries to be a voice of reason.


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