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Election Results “Interesting” to say the least

Many will say “just let it go” or “be a good loser” and I will, when its time for that. Until then, let’s have a look at this, shall we? What does it mean that President Bush got 93,000 more votes in Cuyahoga County than their are voters? I don’t know. Could it have something to do with optical voting machines made by Diebold? Perhaps. Or, it could just be a mistake? Maybe.

I wonder, what is the mechanism in place when a candidate concedes an election but later turns out to have been the winner? I’m not saying that John Kerry won, but it all looks a little odd, don’t you think? If this continues to look odd, wouldn’t an investigation be in order? Just to make sure? It is the Presidential election we are talking about, not some School Board or Water District.

And, this is a great bit of writing. John Perry Barlow spells out his take on the election. One of his points is that we should not underestimate the Republicans and think of them as “a bunch of homophobic, racist, Bible-waving, know-nothing troglodytes”. I have written and spoken about that very subject as well.

Lumping them all into that kind of label only gives them license to do the same and promotes further division of the country. Unless, of course, they are all a bunch of “homophobic, racist, Bible-waving, know-nothing troglodytes” who stole the election through fraud.

Whatever the final outcome, the country deserves the truth. Even if some on one side or the other don’t like it.

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