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Through some news quickly

I was at a screening and party at The Derby for my friend Todd Wade’s film “The Appointment”. Interesting film which was first a short film then he later added scenes to make it a feature. And, it was in stylistic black and white.

Anyway, I always have time for people who are out their doing it instead of talking about doing it all the time. After working in the “business” for awhile you start to be able to spot the people who are going to do something and the people who just like to take meetings. I only wish I could share that knowledge with some of my other friends who always get involved with these “investors” who will never ever put up anything. I guess its a lesson that needs to be learned by some the hard way.

Over at the political desk, Yasser Arafat has died. At the risk of offending someone, i have to say that I’m having a hard time getting too upset about it. I don’t like to see people die and I didn’t want him to suffer for weeks and months, but that’s about all I am going to say about it.

Also, Bush’s attorney general pick is Alberto Gonzales. He seems a better choice than Ashcroft, who was definitely offensive to many with his policies. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, said, “It’s encouraging that the president has chosen someone less polarizing. We will have to review his record very carefully, but I can tell you already he’s a better candidate than John Ashcroft.”

Well, if Chuck Schumer says so, I guess we can believe him. After all, he is one of the last Democrats in the Senate so we better be nice to him or he might take his ball and go home.


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