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The latest

The MPAA has finally started suing “alleged” movie pirates. Good for them. Those damn college kids swapping Divix files of “XXX” or “The Whole Ten Yards” are really gonna hurt the movie business and must be stopped at all costs. Shouldn’t the MPAA spend a little less time worrying about file swapping and a little more time trying to improve the quality of films that mainstream Hollywood produces? Hell yes, brother.

I know, sometimes a great movie manages to come out of Hollywood but usually, not so much. For every “The Incredibles” or “Spider Man 2” we are subject to an “Alexander” or “Van Helsing”. Sure, some people probably like those movies but many more don’t. Yes, they open to big numbers (sometimes) but then they fall off and drop dead after the first week as soon as people start to talk about how bad they are. It’s called word of mouth. Can’t fake it. Although, the studios have tried that in the past too.

In other news, NASA’s X43A research aircraft made its third and final flight today, firing its scramjet engine at Mach 10 (7,000 MPH) or close to it, setting a new record. Good for NASA. They can always use good news.

And, it looks like Disney is going to go ahead with another sequel to “Toy Story” even without the participation of Pixar. Pixar and Disney have split and Pixar has balked at the idea of another film. But, Disney owns the rights to the franchise (as they do to most of the world). So, this would make it even harder for Disney and Pixar to patch things up. Can they work without each other? Or, will we be stuck with movies like “Shark Tale” from now on? Dreamworks, what are you thinking?

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