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Some News

For some of my friends who love Dr. Who, the show was first broadcast on this day in 1963. Happy anniversary Dr.

Also, in other news, Google is being sued by an adult website saying the internet search engine’s image search is delivering thumbnails of its pictures for free.

And, in TiVo news. The company ended its third quarter with 2.3 million users. That’s more than twice what it had a year ago but it still lost money in the quarter. Unfortunately, 61% of Tivos are sold through DirecTV, and Tivo only gets $1.30 a month from those customers. 

Also, large marketing expenses helped boost Tivo’s losses to $26 million last quarter, more than three times the losses of a year ago. Revenue was aldo down 11.4%. Now, they are thinking of putting banner adds on the screen when you fast-forward through commercials. I’m not sure that’s the way to keep customers and attract new ones. Has TiVo become the new Apple?

Finally, Apple’s stock price has hit a four year high due to ipod sales. An analyst at Piper Jaffray says this is for real. His research shows that ipods end up selling people on Macs. They see how great the ipod is and decide that the computer must be that great as well. Then, they buy a Mac. He’s increased his price target for the stock to $100. The stock is currently over $61.

So, take that Apple haters. As I said before, Apple isn’t going anywhere.

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