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Tech News and other bits of note

I have emerged fully from my Thanksgiving induced food coma and am back to work (real and fun). So, let’s go to the tech news and other bits of note:

For the environmentally aware among you who also crave tasty treats, check out the human powered ice cream maker. You can walk your dog or hike in the hills and all the while, churn out creamy, icy goodness to enjoy afterward.


Also, according to a recent study, six out of ten holiday shoppers are going to be spending less this year due to concerns over cyber-security. Some of the reasons they had: concerns about identity theft (which was cited by 52 percent of respondents); fear of credit card theft (44 percent); concerns about spyware attacks (44 percent); and wariness of receiving spam from a Web site after making an online purchase (44 percent.

And, as much as I may question some of his choices as a filmmaker, Jim Cameron is right on as he talks about going to Mars and exploration in general. A good read.

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Ok, that’s all for now, the damn Christmas music at my local Starbucks is really driving me nuts. Can’t there be a law that doesn’t allow Christmas music and decorations until December? I would vote for that one in a heartbeat.


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