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That’s Lunch!

I never eat lunch at home. Well, almost never. Lunch is one of those meals that’s fun to have out. Let’s face it, I like to eat out so really every meal is fun to have out. Lunch, though, is my particular favorite.

What’s so special about it? Your just going to a place and eating food, right? That’s a big part of it, of course. I like to go and eat food with friends and talk about this or that. So, it becomes more of a social occasion and a chance to catch up on the latest news or the latest gadget or the latest whatever. It’s about coming together as a group and interacting.

Take today, for example. ADD, J-Rod, the wife and I went to one of our favorite places in Studio City, LaLa’s. It’s an Argentine style grill like Gaucho Grill (another popular LA restaurant) only much better. The food is great and so is the service. I think much of the great service has to do with the fact that we have gone there at least once a week for over three years. That doesn’t take away from the fact that its a great place to go. If it wasn’t good, we wouldn’t have gone there so much.

Of course, for many people in this town, lunch is about business. As this town is all about showbiz, closing the “big deal” or convincing Colin Farrell to be in your movie are all part of the lunch experience. Seeing and being seen is also part of it. Where do you sit and with whom is very important to many LA “industry” guys and gals.

You’ve seen them if you’ve been in LA for very long. The middle-aged “Producer” sitting at a table with two very young and hot blondes talking loudly about his big deal with “Steven” so that everyone has to look . Or, the hot Director du jour sitting, sunglasses on, arguing with his “Manager” about why he should get final cut on his first film because “Quentin” got it and he made such a “kick ass” short film at the Los Angeles Film School.

Or, the aging male former action star trying not to be recognized by his teeming mass of “fans” but secretly praying he will be. Proving he hasn’t been forgotten. Or, a moderately successful sitcom star who gets angry when he has to wait for anything and feels he has to say “do you know who I am?” to anyone within earshot. Yeah, I know who you are. I just don’t give a crap and I never watch your show anyway.

See, lunch can be an experience. Sometimes its just food. And sometimes, it can be life or death.

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