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Interesting Bits

Apple is “rumored” to be introducing a flash-based iPod at Macworld in January. As expected, this rumor has had s positive effect on Apple’s stock price. MMmmmmm smaller iPod. Reaching for credit card . . . must fight . . .

Also, a German online ad firm, Adtech, says Internet Explorer users are four times more likely to click on banner ads than Firefox users. This is based on actual clickthrough on the 1,000 European sites that use Adtech. I use Firefox but still prefer Safari for most things. Although, Firefox is looking good. Watch out Safari.

And, another German study says computers hinder learning. Researchers at the University of Munich studied 175,000 15-year-old students and found that performance in math and reading had suffered significantly among those who had more than one computer at home. Wow, I am in trouble. I have at least seven computers at home.

And, you asked for it so here it is: The much-hyped but, sadly, deleted scene of hot puppet-on-puppet action from “Team America: World Police”.


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