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And now some news

I have friends that make commercials for a living. Some of these same friends also happen to make iPod commercials for Apple. We all think its really great when someone goes out on their own and makes something cool.

Also, Sony’s PSP started shipping in Japan the other day and sold out fast. The first 200,000 units were gone in hours. Sony plans to ship three million by March. The portable gaming device sports console quality graphics and can also play movies and DVDs. It’s selling in Japan for 19,800 yen or about $188 US. 21 games will be ready before the end of this year. Sony will offer the PSP in North America sometime next spring. Anyone in Japan reading this who can pick me up one? Today. Thanks.

The US Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether P2P file sharing services like Kazaa and Grokster are liable for aiding copyright infringement. The court agreed to hear the music industry’s appeal of a Ninth Circuit court decision that Grokster and Streamcast were not liable because they didn’t exercise control over the music swapped using their service. At the end of this the only people who will have any money left will be the lawyers.

And, from the dumb crooks department. It seems a real-life crook in Texas was scared off from a home invasion by the sounds of “Grand Theft Auto”. The Police in the game were saying ‘Stop, we have you surrounded. This is the police.“ The burglar, unknowingly, thought this was the actual police and panicked,” according to the Galveston DA. Well, this guy sure must be some kind of genius. Where was he from again?

Lastly, be careful where you use your camera phone as Congress passed a bill that would levy heavy fines and prison time for anyone who sneaks photos or videos of people in various stages of undress. So my pictures of girls waiting in line at Starbucks are ok?


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