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My head hurts and I blame CitiBank

This could explain why my head hurts. Or maybe its just the booze or lack of sleep. Another reason could be that some asshole decided to use my ATM credit card at Bloomingdales this weekend and buy himself something pretty. To the tune of twelve-hundred bucks. (Reader beware, this is where the angry rant starts).

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my bank’s response (CitiBank, btw) leaves something to be desired. CitiBank’s “policy” in cases like this is to “watch” the account and see what happens. In the meantime, they allow the charges to go through and some dickhead gets away with ripping me off. I always tell myself not to use my ATM card to make purchases and I don’t do it that often. Unfortunately, once was enough I guess.

Now my money is gone while CitiBank sits on their collective asses “watching” my account for suspicious activity. Hello, the “suspicious” activity already happened when the charges were made. I don’t know what they are waiting for. I didn’t make those charges but until they “investigate” they assume I did and just give my money away.

Here’s what their policy should be. If a customer calls and disputes a charge, that should be it. The charge should be frozen until the investigation is concluded. You don’t let the merchant take the money from a fraudulent transaction and wait and see what happens. I think Bloomingdales can wait another few days for the money.

They don’t protect their customers. Basically they are saying that they don’t believe me and its tough shit about my money until they get around to checking it out. I wouldn’t even care if they put a hold on the disputed amounts while they investigate. At least the money wouldn”t be gone

They are opening an investigation and sending me a letter that I have to fill out and send back within 10 business days in order for them to continue to investigate. A letter? WTF? Is this 1980 or something? This is the information age and I have to fill out a letter and mail it back to them so they will take my claims seriously?

What about the four phone calls I made until 3AMlast night? Doesn’t that show I’m serious. Or, how about an email to get things moving a little faster? The bottom line is that they just don’t give a shit and will do whatever they want.

I tell you right now, if this works out badly for me and I permanently loose the money, I am pulling all my accounts from CitiBank and encouraging everyone else I know to do the same. All they have to do is treat their customers like people instead of criminals and I would be happy.

Right now, I feel as if I did something wrong and the burden is on me to prove I am telling the truth. No benefit of the doubt. No consideration for their customers. The customer is wrong.

It’s wrong.

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