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According to this article, we are getting far too much information. Also, he says that we multi-task because it is expected of us, not because we can. In fact, true multi-tasking is apparently beyond our capabilities. Someone tell that to my wife, maybe she can finally relax.

In other news, we have returned home from the north. Oddly, it only rained a little bit while we were in Washington State and rained almost every day in LA while we were away. Explain that, Dallas Rains. Also, I am relieved that, upon returning to my favorite “office”, the Studio City Starbucks, they have stopped playing the Christmas music. Perhaps there is a God after all. He seemed to have listened to that one.

And, if you want to record music on your iPod and have it sound really good, the fine “hackers” at this website have figured out a way. Of course, I think this does violate your warranty so use caution.

Well, I just happened to look up and spied Allison Janney from “The West Wing” coming into my “office”. She is pretty tall and not only that, has her arm around a shorter dude wearing a baseball cap. Must be a Director. Or perhaps, an actor. They look cute together.


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