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The new year and some Apple stuff

Apparently, blogs are going to take over the world. At least according to Forbes Magazine, which devotes a big story and the cover of its recent issue to blogging.

And, the rumor mongers are all buzzing with talk of what might be revealed at Macworld Expo next week. Some of the rumors include Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office, called Pages, and even bigger, a Mac for 500 bucks. It is supposed to be basically a headless iMac with G4 processor, limited RAM, smallish hard drive and no DVD burner.

I don’t know if a cheap Mac is a good idea or not. To some, it may seem like this is a great idea that is a long time coming. It could be seen as a move that could potentially increase Apple’s market share and lead Windows users to a Mac.

The logic follows. Once they experience how great the iPod is, after using it with their Windows boxes and iTunes, they can get their feet wet with a Mac at the same price as a new Windows box. Then, once they use the Mac, run OSX, and not have to deal with viruses and spyware, it will lead them to all sorts of other Apple stuff, probably including newer and more powerful Macs. The first taste may not be free, but it’s a great deal.

On the other hand, Apple is one of the very few tech companies that makes any money, market share notwithstanding. They don’t do it by selling more computers at cheaper prices, like Dell, they do it by offering a quality product that works well. So, they must be doing something right. Do they need to pander to the lowest common denominator and try to attract users that probably won’t appreciate a Mac anyway?

The person that is looking for the cheapest thing is not usually looking for the best thing. There isn’t necessarily a Mac user inside of every Windows user. You don’t sell someone a BMW if they want to buy a Chevy. Name your analogy.

I think that Apple will sell a crap load of $500 macs if they end up offering one. However, I think that most of the people buying those computers will be people who already use the Mac. I’ll be getting a few myself.

Will it have much of an effect on Apple’s market share? I would be surprised if it had much at all. It would be nice if it did. It would be nice if there was a Mac in every house and that everyone could experience how great they are. I just don’t think we live in that world. Most people don’t want, don’t expect, great. They are happy with pretty good or just ok.

Besides, what if the $500 Mac sucks?

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