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Leaks, geeks and some boobs

Samsung needs to be more careful of where they put their files. Someone might leak photos of new phones to the public. Like these.

And please appreciate the irony of this one, ClearChannel radio-stations in four US cities held a contest last month called “Breast Christmas Ever,” in which the “winners” were awarded breast-enlargement surgery. Mmmm. (Sorry you have to click through at Salon for the whole story but that’s just the way they do things).

Also, TiVo announced its new TiVo to Go service. It’s a service that allows you to download your files off of your TiVo to your computer and burn them to a DVD. Cool you say? Well, it might be more cool if you could do this with any content.

But sadly, in a bow to pressure from the “Man” no doubt, the folks at Tivo have included some nice DRM with the service. And the worst part of all, no Mac version. It’s only available for Windows XP/2000 at the moment but they promise a Mac version is “in the works”.

Lastly, the big Consumer Electronics Show is coming up this Thursday. If you’ve never been, its sort of fun to see all the new stuff that the big electronics companies have in store for you. Some things to look for if you go: Sony will probably show the PSP, and announce details on price and availability.

SBC will show its new web enabled set-top box to compete with TiVo. The first Blu-Ray players and recorders will debut, including a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner from Philips. Sony will show an LCOS based projection TV. Samsung will unveil a 21-inch OLED prototype.

And if you get bored at CES, you can always check out another event happening at the same time. The Adult Entertainment Expo. But remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in vegas.

Have fun.

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