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Musings on a not so rainy day in LA

Well, it finally seems to have stopped raining here in LA. I can’t believe it. I thought for sure it would rain for the next month or so and that would be it. Waterworld. Sorry, had to use a movie example. This is a showbiz town after all.

But, everything seems ok now, at least for the moment. Things are starting to dry out here, even our roof at home. Sadly, as it does every year, our roof leaked. Not quite as bad as a few years ago but still, kind of a pain in the ass. Although, I feel a little guilty complaining about leaks after what happened in Asia. But dammit, the water almost hit by big screen tv so you can see why I would be upset.

I am at my usual table at the Studio City Starbucks and celebrity sightings are in full effect. Although, perhaps I should use the word “celebrity” in quotes to describe who is in here. I’ll say who they are and you can make the call. First, seated not five feet from me, the beautiful and blonde Natasha Henstridge. She looks great as she gossips with an unnamed girlfriend (i’m sure she actually has a name, I just don’t know what it is).

Next, over at the table by the window, former teen heartthrob Richard Grieco sips what is most likely his second tall coffee of the day. And its only 11AM. He like is caffeine, what can I say? Lastly, a man who, to me, will always be the voice of Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer. I’ve spoken to him once or twice and he seems like a nice guy. He’s also a very talented cartoonist in his own right as evidenced by the drawings he is working on at the moment.

In other news of a more national or international nature, it seems that a “hacker” penetrated the T-Mobile network and had access to it for over a year. While inside, he was able to monitor U.S. Secret Service e-mail, obtain customers’ passwords and Social Security numbers, and download candid photos taken by Sidekick users, including Hollywood celebrities (no quotes) Demi Moore and (quotes) Paris Hilton. Great, I just switched to T-Mobile a few months ago. Who knows what pix of me will start showing up on the ‘net.

And, in response to a scathing “Rathergate” investigation, CBS has decided to clean house. Among those sacked include Senior Vice President Betsy West, who supervised CBS News primetime programs; 60 Minutes Wednesday Executive Producer Josh Howard; and Howard’s deputy, Senior Broadcast Producer Mary Murphy. The producer of the piece, Mary Mapes, was also terminated. The Bush Administration could learn something from CBS. When they make a mistake, people get fired. Nice idea.

Finally, CNN has decided to cancel “Crossfire” and not to renew the contract of “dick” Tucker Carlson. You remember Tucker, he’s the one John Stewart said was “hurting” America during his now infamous appearance on “Crossfire”. Here’s the money quote from the US Chief of CNN, Jonathan Klein, when asked his feelings about the situation “I guess I come down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp”. I don’t know Mr. Klein, but I like him.


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