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Eh? (aka: Canada to legalize same-sex marriages)

The Government of Canada introduced legislation today which would authorize same-sex marriage throughout the country. Same-sex marriage is already legal in the majority of provinces because of a series of court decisions (which all concluded that restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples is unconstitutional).

The Conservative Party, which is the Official Opposition in Parliament, strenuously opposes the legislation, This could make things difficult for the governing Liberal Party which does not hold a majority of the seats. Do they know something we don’t? My Liberal Canadian relatives won’t let me hear the end of this I’m sure.

Closer to home, it seems that I could be going to my local Aston Martin dealership in Van Nuys if I need my regular Starbucks fix but the line is too long at my store. Now isn’t that convenient. And, keeping the Starbucks flow going, ho many of you realize that when you drink that Frappuchino, you’re drinking three cheeseburgers worth of calories?

That doesn’t come as a surprise, right? (FYI: The Strawberry and Creme Frappuchino, venti sized with whipped cream has 770 calories, 19g of fat and 122g of sugar.) Want more bad news about the stuff you drink? Check it out.

Hey, I just go for the coffee. I’m not a Frappuchino guy. Now Pizza on the other hand . . .

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