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Monday Musings

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First, and this hurts me deeply, but it looks like some of my favorite superheroes are really not the good guys that I thought they were. At least according to this story.

And, in another shout out to the Star Wars geek in you, go to this site to get new blinds for your windows that depict the greatest moments from the Star Wars films. I’m not kidding. Go. Check it out. I’ll wait. Ok, now . . .

Chicago spent $270 million on its Millennium Park, placing a big sculpture in the middle of it. “That’s great”, you say, “I like sculpture”. There’s one catch, you are not allowed to take pictures of it. Yes, that’s right, they put this giant silver sculpture in the middle of the park and they don’t allow photos. It’s a copyrighted sculpture you see.

If I were the city, I’d ask for my money back. What kind of asswipe sculptor sells the city a piece of art for a public park and then demands that no one take pictures of it? I’m not sure that’s the kind of thing that makes you very popular. And, while I’m at it, what kind of idiot from the City buys a sculpture under these conditions? I just don’t get it. They both need to be slapped.

Oh well, here’s a picture of it anyway. Sue me.
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