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The death of Microsoft and other news

Here are a couple of good articles about what could be the beginning of the end for Microsoft. Check out Michael Malone’s piece for ABC News and Hakon Lie’s piece here. They make some interesting points. It’s nice when people predict the death of a company besides Apple for a change.

And, in Apple news, Apple announced a 2-for-1 stock split. That’s good. Also, Apple shares climbed higher after a report from market analysts at UBS who rate Apple stock as a “buy”. So, get out your checkbooks or fire up those e-trade accounts.

And, our good friends in the movie business announced a new form of copy protection for DVDs. The existing technology, CSS, was cracked in 1999. The new Macrovision RipGuard (I like that name) will prevent copying by most existing DVD ripping tools – so far it hasn’t been employed on any DVDs. But, its just a matter of time. I wonder what will happen first? The new copy scheme will be rolled out or some resourceful kid in South Dakota or India will figure out how to crack it?

Finally, its fun to be insulted (at least its fun to be part of a group that is being insulted). Mainstream media is taking on bloggers. Conservative blogs were key in helping Dan Rather to resign over the memogate scandal earlier this year and CNN News Executive, Eason Jordan, is their latest target.

Jordan resigned recently in the face intense criticism from bloggers who jumped on his off-the-record and unpublished remarks made at the World Economic Forum. Both the Wall Street Journal and the Columbia Journalism Review have decried this trend, calling the bloggers “salivating morons” and a “lynch mob.” And the New York Times has weighed in as well.

Cool! It’s only bad when they stop talking about you.

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