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I am currently sitting on the floor at the Burbank Airport (i.e. Bob Hope Airport) waiting for a flight to Las Vegas. That might not seem that unusual but I have been waiting for this particular flight for the last three hours. I have lived in Southern California my entire life and this is the first time I have ever been delayed at the airport due to weather. Yes, it is raining hard today. It’s also raining really hard in Vegas too. So, we are waiting. We may be waiting for a long time.

It’s too bad because this is supposed to be a fun trip that the wife and I are taking together for out five year anniversary. Five years already? Wow. Seems like yesterday. Although it is ironic in one way. It was raining like this on our wedding day too. Irony is a bitch. Well, this has to end sometime and we will eventually get this show on the road.

The other thing about flying to Vegas on a Friday is that there are usually quite a few strippers. Now, they don’t look like strippers at this point but they are. I can tell. Hot women traveling alone with minimal baggage. Really, how much room do you need for a couple of g-strings?

You see, strippers live in Los Angeles during the week and then fly to Vegas on the weekends to work. I spoke to one such young lady on a previous trip and was told that she could make two to three thousand dollars in a weekend in Vegas and then come back and live in LA during the week. She even has a condo in Vegas and one in LA.

What does she do in LA during the week? She goes to acting auditions and takes acting classes and lives a “regular” life. Is this a great country or what?

Sitting on the floor isn’t so bad, you know.

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