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The Wednesday night place to be (and other stuff)

My brother Sam and his band, The High Violets, are playing tonight here in LA. They will be at King King in Hollywood and I expect this to be a great show. I say “I expect” because I have never actually seen them live before. Although, the music on their website is great. So, come on over and check it out. Oh, and buy tons of drinks as I think they get part of the booze sales. Maybe some of the gate too. Either way, just come on out and support local music (even if his band is really from Portland).

In other news, it seems the Israeli army frowns on Dungeons and Dragons players. The Israeli Defense Forces say players are “detached from reality” and are automatically given a low security clearance. Now, I played D&D for a long time when I was a kid and I don’t think it made me detached from reality. Although I did end up in the movie business which is kinda detached from reality. And, I have never had a typical “real” job in my life working in an office or a bank or fast food or something. I don’t think I am detached from reality at all.

Now where did I put my +3 Vorpal Sword so I can go smite those fools?!

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