Just when I think I’m out . . . (with apologies to Mr. Coppola) - Chris Ullrich dot net

Just when I think I’m out . . . (with apologies to Mr. Coppola)

As many of you know, I have been trying to stay away from politics subsequent to the presidential “election”. But, just when I think I’m out, I get pulled back in. So, I want to mention what happened here in California because I know it will give President Bush and all the other hate-mongers a stomach ache for at least the next few days.

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A judge ruled that the state cannot bar gay marriage and that specifying that marriage is between “a man and a woman” is unconstitutional. Here’s the money quote from Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer:

“No rational basis exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners”

There you go. Of course, the decision will be up for appeal.

And while I’m here, there were a couple more things that happened in the last day or so that made me smile but also made my stomach hurt a little too.

First, a new poll (reg required) regarding the war in Iraq shows that 53 percent of Americans said the war was not worth fighting, 57 percent said they disapprove of the president’s handling of Iraq and 70 percent said the number of U.S. casualties, now just over 1,500, is an unacceptable price to pay.

Where were these people during the election? If you don’t like the way the guy is doing the job, don’t vote for him again. It’s that simple.


Also, Bernard J. Ebbers, former CEO Worldcom, was found guilty on charges of fraud. His contention that he was ignorant of the illegal accounting practices that pushed his telecom company into bankruptcy apparently did little to persuade the jury. Ebbers faces a maximum of 85 years in prison.

Now, if the same thing happens to Ken Lay, we may really be on to something.

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