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I’ve often suspected this

I have several jobs, much like the characters in that “In Living Color” skit. I don’t work in the gift shop, though. (dating myself a bit?). Anyway, one of those jobs is in IT or Information Technology, to the folks who don’t know. I have come across this same problem for many years because we do quite a bit of work with the Macintosh. Although, in truth, we are actually benefitting from this.

We usually get the call because the in-house IT department either can’t or won’t support a user who wants to use a Macintosh. So, good for us. I hope those Windows-only IT slugs never learn about the Macintosh and never want to support it. More business for us. I’m not saying that the Mac is the best thing in every situation. Sometimes, it isn’t.

I have had to make decisions and recommend Windows solutions sometimes when a Mac solution just isn’t in the best interest of the client. Do I wish that the Mac was the best choice all the time? Sure. But that’s just not how it is.

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