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Next Stop . . .The White House

My personal favorite chefs, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, are in the running for a very important job: Executive Chef(s) in the Whitehouse (yes, THE Whitehouse). Juliette Rossant, of Forbes Magazine, started the campaign. Cribbed from her blog:

In February 2005, superchefblog brought the idea of White House guest chefs to public attention; cooking duo Mary Sue Millken and Susan Feniger won, announced on March 1. Less than a week later, Women Chef and Restaurateurs (WCR) brought the idea of a woman as full-time executive chef at the White House to public attention. Superchefblog feels responsible for setting this in motion (see previous article): it seems high time to get some actual names out as well. So, superchefblog is running another poll, this time to vote for who should be the first woman executive chef at the White House.

Voters who log on to the poll can pick from 40 estrogen-heavy cooks, including Food Network star Sara Moulton and the “Too Hot Tamales,” Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger.

It’s time for a lady to take over executive chef duties for the Chief Executive because women chefs have a concern for nutrition and nurturing that would set a much-needed healthy tone for food in America.

Her goal is to get hundreds of thousands of votes by the end of this month when the contest ends, and she says, “I think the White House will listen – this is going to be really big.”

I think it would be really cool, especially as the wife works with Mary Sue and Susan every day (she produces their radio show for KFI here in los angeles and SO much more).

Lincoln bedroom, here we come!

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