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The Canon 20d Digital SLR

20D 586X225-1

In my quest to chase the latest and greatest electronics, I have picked up a new Digital SLR. I have decided to make a giant leap and switch to the Canon 20d (at least until Nikon comes out with something even cooler). Although I have loved my Nikon gear for lo these many years, the Canon 20d offered me features and improvements over the Nikon D100, my usual DSLR, that I really wanted to take advantage of.

I am working on a full-blow review of the 20d and comparison with the D100 which will posted soon. I want to get a feel for the Canon and use it before I talk about it too much. However, I will say that right out of the box, it was a quick trip from pulling off the protective wrapping until I was shooting some, what I consider, pretty decent pictures. Especially when printed on the Epson 2200 using the Imageprint RIP. I will also get more into digital workflow and color correction, photoshop and all that other fun stuff as well. Questions like “what is a RIP and why do I want one?” That kind of thing.

As always, I will make the disclaimer that I am not the typical user for this or any other piece of sophisticated electronics. For me, it was easy to get going. For others, especially if this is your first time with a DSLR, it might take a little longer. However, the manual is pretty good and there is also a “quick start” guide which helps as well so don’t be intimidated.

Obviously, both Nikon and Canon make even more powerful and expensive DSLR cameras. If I had unlimited funds or was a professional photographer, I would most likely have those cameras too. But here, I will not be talking about those. This will strictly be a comparison between what is know as “prosumer” devices. Although, some would argue that while the D100 is definitely “prosumer”, the 20d could be considered more in the “pro” area. For my purposes, they are both “prosumer” cameras and will be taken as such.

Look for the new review soon.

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