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Meet the new new sponsor

If anyone is offended that i have adds and sponsors just realize that the it costs something to maintain a website, even one as modest as this. So, i am just trying to cover that cost, no more. Believe me, I don’t expect to get rich from this site. Besides, who wants to be rich anyway? All that trouble deciding which high-performance car to drive around LA, where we can usually drive no faster than about 20 mph.

Or, the tedium of having to deal with non-Mercedes drivers on the road who simply can’t understand why they can’t change lanes at the last second, without a signal, while talking on the phone and reading the newspaper. The fact that people get upset and sometimes even make obscene gestures must be so emotionally taxing on the rich that they spend thousands of dollars pouring their hearts out in therapy. I feel bad for them. Really I do. But, its their own fault.

I’m not rich. Probably never will be. So, please don’t give me a hard time about a few adds. Besides, the girl from Busted Tees is cute, right? Anyway, the actual purpose of this post was to introduce you to another sponsor who I personally use and recommend to everyone who uses Photoshop and has a digital camera.

I’m talking about, of course, Mr. Fred Miranda. So, click on the link at the left that says “FM Software” to go to his site for the best Photoshop actions and plugins out there. I use them and recommend them to my clients all the time.

Now to go to the vault and count my money again.

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