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The Batsuit, not for kids.


here’s how the batsuit in the new Batman movie works. cool. i hope the movie is good too. i won’t hold my breath.

in other news of my world, I have not taken my ailing G5 mac into the shop to see what the heck is wrong with it so no report there. i’m going tomorrow to a place called melrose mac in burbank. i’ll let you know if the suck. nor have i done any more work on my canon 20d article or much of anything for any of the other sites or publications i am supposed to be writing for. i have just been too busy to do much of anything but work. I think parents should prepare their kids a little better for how life really is. what do i mean?

well, i think parents should tell their children that life is sometimes hard and that they will most likely end up doing a job they don’t love for inadequate wages and slaving away for most of their natural lives. i’m not taking about me, i have it pretty good in that i do what i want most of the time and work when i want for whom i want. that’s one of the advantages of being on your own. of course, if you don’t have any work, you can become screwed pretty fast. so the freelance, self-employed, owning your own business route isn’t for everyone.

my main problem is that i have a hard time working for other people. i’m not a very good employee and not a good follower. i guess you could say that i’m a leader. i like to be the boss. i probably could be far more successful today if that wasn’t the case. i could have spent the last ten or so years working for a company, climbing the corporate ladder. unfortunately, i just can’t do it. i tried. really i did. it’s just not for me.

right or wrong, i need to be on my own. be my own boss. take chances and follow my own path no matter what happens. i think that this kind of life can be a happy one. and i am happy almost all of the time. yes, it carries with it a large degree of uncertainty and sometimes can be very stressful.

but at the end of the day, you only have to rely on yourself to make things happen. you are your own boss and when you succeed, even in small ways, it’s a great feeing because you did it. on your own, your way. not much else can compare to that feeling. notice, i said not much else. there are a few things . . .

of course, when you don’t succeed, you can always blame someone else. not that i would ever do that. so, its a win win all around. but seriously folks, it is good to be your own boss and it has many rewards. i suggest everyone try it once. don’t be put off by fear. fear is the number one killer of innovation and success.

fear isn’t real. it can’t really hurt you. it’s just a feeling about something that might happen. it might not happen too. you could get lucky. it happens all the time. don’t let fear be a buzzkill. get out there and do something, even if it scare the crap out of you. well, this turned out much more “tony robbins” than i thought it would. ok, so, stay in school and don’t do drugs. that’s enough.

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