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No broadcast flag and the intel macintosh

just an update. the broadcast flag was not attached to an appropriations bill. over at the eff they are pretty happy about the rise of citizen activism that helped the cause. the eff’s new activism coordinator, Danny O’Brien, sees this as a victory for sift citizen action. well, i guess it could be that.

i prefer to think that the people in congress are not so dumb as to put through just any legislation that the entertainment industry or other giant lobby may want. especially legislation as lame as the broadcast flag. maybe i have too much confidence in our government? i don’t know. they can’t all be morons. can they?

and, those crazy kids at think secret have some details and photos of the intel based macintosh that is being shipped to developers. check it out. it looks like a macintosh with an intel motherboard and cpu inside. cool.

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