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London Bombs


Of course you have heard about the bombs in London today. For good coverage, check out my friends at Londonist and also quite a few links at BoingBoing and at Flickr there are several ongoing photo groups with pictures from the blasts etc.

As for me, my only response to this latest terrorist attack is to be even more determined to go on living my life and doing all the shit that I normally do. No fucking coward living in a hole in the desert who doesn’t have the balls to put on a uniform and face us like a man in a real war deserves any more of my attention than for me to say “fuck you”.

Anyone who straps explosives to his body and blows up a bus or train full of innocent working people isn’t worth a moment of pity or consideration. That person is a complete fucking moron deluded into thinking that he is somehow doing God’s work.

I’ve got news for you dickhead and for all you other terrorists out there, there isn’t a hole you can hide in forever. Sooner or later, we’re gonna be there. Then, you will know what real power feels like. Enjoy what few moments you have left fuckers because they are numbered.

Sorry if I am using more colorful language than usual but this kind of thing makes me angry and I feel like I need to express it. Anyway, I’m lucky that anyone I know or care about wasn’t hurt today. To those of you who have people you know and care about that were affected by these events, my thoughts are with you.

Ok, I’m done.

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