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Bad day on bourbon street and Apple news


all i can say about this is i’m glad i’ve been to New Orleans so many times and have experienced that great city and its people. because, New Orleans is no more thanks to Hurricane Katrina. at least the one that i knew and loved. of course, i also feel bad for the people that were hurt and killed and happy that the death toll isn’t higher.

it could have been worse, i guess. now, of course, there is looting, people shooting each other and all the other things that come out during a time like this. most will rise to the occasion and try to help. some will see this as an opportunity and exploit it. i feel sorry for the ones that are going to exploit it. they must have very empty lives. or maybe they are just assholes.

it sort of seems strange to talk about other things going on around the internet but what the hell. here goes:

first, some related stuff. the New Orleans version of Craigslist is being used to help Katrina victims reunite with family and friends. if you know something about someone who is there or want to find out something, it might be a good place to go.

over at yahoo, they have a slide show of Katrina images. some are hard to look at.

apple is preparing some stuff for the devoted mac user (myself included) that should arrive, or at least be announced shortly. among the new items is a major update to the .mac service featuring the new, improved backup 3.0 and exclusive dashboard widgets just for .mac people (try to control yourself).

if they can fix all the problems with isync and get my stuff to sync correctly, i would be really happy. really, that’s all they would have to do. i don’t need new backup software. just make isync work like it used to before you “improved” it.

also, apple is expected to announce the long-rumored iTunes phone the week of september 7th. they have even given out invites to a “special media event” at the moscone center in san francisco to show off whatever they are going to show off. could be interesting. or maybe it could even be a video ipod. after all, they do let you download music videos at the itunes music store. september 7th is right around the corner.

i for one, can’t wait to see what’s next.

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