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Mac Mini PVR fun and more!


great article on how to use your Mac Mini (mac mini not included) as a TiVo style device. of course, i still prefer tivo but this is pretty cool anyway. plus, and i don’t really want to talk politics right now, tom delay gets in trouble again. innocent until proven guilty but it does make you think. and its even in texas. that’s gotta sting.

and where will google go next? free wifi in san francisco and beyond? new set of microsoft office-like software? space? who knows but these guys sure know how to stir the speculation pot. they are almost as good at it as steve jobs. almost.

lastly, my work schedule seems to be getting a little better so i hope to be putting fingers to keys more often again. i like doing this and hopefully can with regularity. thanks for your patience and readership. its appreciated.

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