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Apple does it again


well, i guess apple really likes press “events” because they had another today announcing even more stuff. what, you may ask? well, updated powerbooks (15″ and 17″) as well as new powermac g5’s with up to four processors (yes, you heard it). well, its really two actual chips but they have dual cores so that’s like four (more or less).

also, they announced something that i had been anticipating: a “pro” level photo manipulation app like photoshop called “aperture“. not exactly like photoshop, more like iphoto for pros. it has quite a few features that photoshop has but does them a little differently. all in all, its not an exact replacement for photoshop so maybe that’s why adobe doesn’t seem to be angry about it (at least not yet). it comes out in a few weeks but i am trying to get my hands on it sooner to check it out.

i have also been fooling around with the new ipod (the one with video and in black, of course) and have been putting my own video on it as well as a few shows i purchased from the itunes store. after only working with it for a few hours, i can say that the screen is better than i thought and that watching a tv show for only 40 minutes or so wasn’t that bad. the worst part was holding the ipod and looking down at it for so long. my neck started to get stiff.

sure, “Lost” looks much better on my big TV in all of its High Def glory but i can’t fit my TV in my pocket so one has to make some allowances. battery life seemed to be ok as well. i made it through at least on show and still had over half the battery left. no bad. i don’t have any long plane trips planned in the near future so i won’t be able to test the battery life to its fullest but i will try and see what happens.

as for the rest of my life, working as always. business is good. have a few other “entertainment related” projects that look to come to fruition so that could be fun. it might be nice to make a movie again. or, it could be a huge pain in the ass. really, it will probably be both.

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