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Another Flock Post – featuring news of the internets!


I find it interesting using the new browser called flock. So easy to get it going and to blog about something you see on the internet. Its almost like instant gratification (almost). Anyway, here’s some of the stuff going on around the internets today:

Phone companies may soon try to block those free calls you are making via skype. What, do they want to keep their monopoly going or something?

The sci-fi channel has renewed “stargate:sg-1” and “stargate:atlantis” for another year. this makes “stargate:sg-1” the longest running sci-fi show in history, beating out the “x-files”. Also, sci-fi i expected to renew “battlestar galactica” for a third season as well. After all, bsg is the highest rated show on the sci-fi channel and critically acclaimed so it would make sense to renew it. Not that TV execs always do things that make sense. How does one explain “everybody loves raymond” staying on the air for so long?

And, laser etching for your powerbook and ipod (hence the pic above). This is pretty cool. Now if only i could be away from my precious powerbook or ipod for the time it takes to get it laser etched. What?

Also, over at TUAW, they have a video of someone who was able to get Apple’s new software Front Row to run on his Mac Mini even though it is only “officially” supported on the new iMac G5. That didn’t take long. Come on Apple, take a hint and let it run on all of your computers. I think they will soon enough.

finally, an article about one of my favorite subjects, nanotech, talks about the state of the technology and where it might go. good read. we now return you to whatever it is you were doing before (gaming, porn, both?).

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