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How CBS and NBC got it wrong

even though they seem like they are trying to do the right thing. it appears that greed trumps innovation yet again. i’ll let om tell it like it is.

all i have to say about this is that the apple business model seems to make more sense to me. i think you should be able to record content and time and place shift it at your convnience, as i have said before.

also, in case you missed it, sony has been up to no good selling cd’s that install a rootkit on your windows machine. what does this mean? well, its an attempt by sony to monitor and control in what way you can use their content. here’s a more “tech” explanation.

i don’t like it when sony (or anyone) installs something on my machine that i don’t want and didn’t agree to. or even did agree to but didn’t know exactly what i was getting. that’s not very nice. good thing i use a mac. also, here’s a partial list of the cd’s that have this problem. can you say boycott?

and finally, good old steve ballmer, ceo of microsoft, on why apple computer is seen as “good” and microsoft is seen as “bad”. interesting read and with good play-by-play from mac daily news.

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