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TV Downloads, XMas Shopping and some history

NBC has entered into a deal with online commerce and digital delivery guys Wurld Media to make selected movies available for download via protected peer-to-peer network Peer Impact beginning in early 2006.

No word yet on the price for this but here’s the best part: you pay for the download, watch the content and then 24 hours later, it deletes itself. You can’t keep the show more than 24 hours. Seriously, why would i want to do that when i can record it on TiVo and delete it when i want to or keep it if i want? This is a really dumb idea that i hope will fail miserably and all who thought it was a good idea will get flogged. (well, maybe not flogged but at least they should get a stern talking to).

And, here’s the best places to shop this holiday season, at leat according to CNN money. Its pretty much the way i feel too. I hate Best Buy and Wal-Mart unless i absolutely need something in a hurry. As for, don’t get me started. I took a look at my Amazon order history the other day and I have to say it was a little scary. Although, being an Amazon Prime member does cut down on the shipping costs but damn you one-click ordering!

Also, as the holidays are fast approaching I just wanted to comment about the decor of my usual Starbucks in Studio City. Yes, they have the damn Christmas decorations up already and its not even Thanksgiving yet. When I asked about this I was told that the comromise they made was not to have Christmas music playing until the day after Thanksgiving. What a bunch of good guys.

Actually, Thanksgiving really isn’t next week anyway. When it was originally declared a holiday by President Lincoln in 1863, it was on the LAST Thursday of November. However, in 1939, FDR decided that people needed an extra week in order to make sure they could get all their shopping done in time for Christmas. So, he moved it to the third Thursday in November, thus giving us an extra week to shop and have to deal with the holidays. Thanks FDR.

Please don’t get me wrong, I like the holidays. I just don’t like them quite so soon. Besides, Thanksgiving is important. It deserves a little time of its own so people can appreciate it before they get bombarded with Christmas stuff. Don’t you think?

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