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Happy Holidays and all that. Plus, where the hell is my Xbox 360?


greetings and all that. i have returned from the wilds of down south after eating just about as much turkey, stuffing and apple pie as any human has ever done. i’m not saying that i ate a lot last week. i’m saying that entire families could live off of my plate from last week. i told myself that i wasn’t going to fall victim to the whole thanksgiving “thing” where you spend time with relatives you really don’t like, eat and drink too much and generally ruin your health and negate any real gains you have made all in a matter or days. sadly, i didn’t listen to my own plan. mostly in the eating arena. i kinda like my relatives. plus, drinking is pretty fun too.

actually, i have to say that to my surprise, i really don’t feel that bad about it. i guess you could say that life really is too short to worry about this kind of thing. everyone eats and drinks too much during the holidays. its a national pass time like baseball. in fact, how does that saying go? baseball and apple pie, etc. that’s what america is all about. so, let’s say that i did my duty as an american and over-consumed as much as possible last week. kudos to me. i feel great.

speaking of over-consuming, how about that xbox 360? either Microsoft way underestimated the demand for this device or they really are the demonic spawn that many say they are and did this just to make it seem like demand was so big. granted, there were many thousands of people camped out in front of their local bast buy well in advance of the xbox release but really Microsoft, would it have killed you to make a few more so we could all buy one? plan ahead, that’s all i’m saying.

if this was a marketing ploy, its seems like it might actually backfire on you as people get more and more pissed that there are no xbox 360 consoles to be had anywhere. plus, now it seems that there might be a glitch with a few of them. maybe more than a few. that doesn’t help the bottom line either.

sadly, we will probably never know the real story. Microsoft will continue to do whatever it wants and people will continue to line up a day or two early to buy cutting-edge products. that’s american too. we have a right to buy stuff, even if its probably overpriced, overhyped and may very well be defective.

dammit, i sure hope i can find one soon.

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