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lacking something

there will be a lack of posts here for the next few weeks as i get deeper into a new super secret project. this project should prove interesting but will take a lot of my time and energy. some of which i spend writing here. so, i hope people are not too disappointed by this turn of events but i can’t do much about it if you are as i won’t be here.

i will release details of this project when i can and perhaps provide a few choice bits and pieces for your amusement. in the meantime, i am confidant that you will be able to find other ways to amuse yourself. i hear there are a few other blogs out there in the internet somewhere. one or two might even be worth reading. probably more.

if you get time, check out some of the links on the left. these people are good writers and provide me hours of entertainment and intelligent insight. be sure to check them out.

see you soon.

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