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Moving on up! (or at least out)

reply_moving_image-1.jpgwell, its official, i am moving to new digs. after some trial and error and back and forth its definitely on for the end of the month fo sure. i am both nervous and excited at the prospect. having lived in the same place for almost ten years its a little odd to think that in a few weeks i will be in a new place. there are many problems with my current digs so moving is good.

of course, the cynic in me is telling me that there could be even more problems with a new place and all that. “the devil you know” scenario. well, i say to hell with that. i know what i have and a new place will definitely be better. so there.

besides, it will only be for a short while as i am looking to buy a house in the very near future. i wonder if the prices will become more manageable soon? i can hold my breath for only a few minutes so i don’t think that will be enough. unfortunately, everyone seems to want to live in los angeles so the home prices keep going up and up. oh well. maybe it will change?

anyway, the new place is bigger and more modern and has lots of things going for it. especially the part about being new and stuff. who doesn’t like new, right? i know i do.

there are many other things going on with me and with the world in general and i don’t have time to go into them at the moment. besides, i am easing back into the blogging anyway so this might be all i can do at the moment. i will try to increase it but it will probably be a slow process. so, hang in there if you can. until next time.

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