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There be Monsters


on my recent trip to miami i read and finished the print version of david wellington’s novel “Monster Island” and it’s fantastic. i really liked it and recommend it highly to any of you who are zombie fans or who just like a great read (or both). now, i will hand the book over to someone else who can appreciate it as much as i did. i want to share the wealth.

really, it would make a great movie. i think i will try to get in touch with david and see what’s what on that score. he has several other novels serialized on line at his site. “Monster Nation” is the next one, followed by “Monster Planet“. plus, he has an even newer one called “Thirteen Bullets” which looks interesting as well. hopefully, the others will be in print soon enough. although, there are ipod version so i might have to check those out in the meantime.

you may ask me why all the praise for these books and this author. well, i really liked “Monster Island” and for me that doesn’t happen as often as it used to. plus, i love the fact that he is self-publishing these books online first in serial format for all to read. more important than that, though, is i want to to support people who embrace new media and non-traditional methods and then become successful at it. its a trend that should continue and needs our support.

so, read “Monster Island” and download the crap out of his other work so that some other author out there with a dream sees david’s success and decides to put their own work out there for people to experience. who knows, we might find the next “great american novel” that way. plus, did i mention its a really great book? go get it.

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