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Macbook in the house

so, got the macbook now. just took it out of the box and starting to put it through its paces.

first impressions:

– it’s black

– it’s matte

– the glossy screen is better than i thought it would be

– the keyboard is more annoying than i thought it would be – the keys are a little too far apart for me

– performance is pretty good even with the stock 512MB of ram. i’m sure it will be much better after i put the 2 Gigs in

– its hasn’t gotten too hot yet. i even tried it on my lap wearing shorts and it was fine. no hotter than my 12“ powerbook

more to come but that’s it for first impressions. all in all pretty cool so far.

(btw – the photo is from the good folks at engadget, not me)

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