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the theme of this blog, of late, has been change. i did other jobs. went back to former careers. loved and hated them at the same time. changed the coloring and theme of the site and a bunch of other things. all under the heading of change. to some, change is bad. i don’t think it is either good or bad. i think it depends upon how you change and if you really want to change. in other words, it depends on the person.

anyway, as you have seen this site has changed themes about once or twice a day for the last few days. i don’t really know what i want it to look like exactly. if i had more skills in the web design department i could probably get it to do what i want. sadly, those skills i do not have. so, i am left with mucking around inside the typepad themes and some “advanced” themes of my own to see what works and what doesn’t. until then, it will just be a bunch of stuff thrown against a wall to see what sticks.

so what’s going on in the world. let’s see, shall we:

Apple’s market share could blow up soon thanks to the ipod and the switch to intel, mostly.

MacBooks can now come in many of your favorite flavors. i still like black but have at it.

Blue Ray, one of the much-hyped HD DVD formats debuts next week. i’m trying to get excited about it, i really am. no really. maybe i’ll wait and see what HDDVD looks like. i’ve heard that neither one of them makes watching “XXX” or “Basic Instinct-2” any better. i’ll stick with normal dvd for the moment until more titles that i really care about are released.

Google Calendar now has two, count ’em, two more new features. get yours today!

NASA will explain how black hole’s work on june 21st. i’ll be listening. maybe they will have something about it on discovery hd theater. they have a lot of NASA stuff there. don’t have discovery hd theater? well, get directv then and you will. if you do get directv, please mention that i sent you so i get my kickback. thanks.

And talk about changes. Microsoft big cheese Bill Gates has decided to step back from his post as big cheese over the next two years to devote himself full-time to his foundation. well, at some point money doesn’t mean much so you may as well help people with your billions.

fortunately, nutcase steve ballmer will not be in charge. and by nutcase i, of course, mean great guy who is just misunderstood. (in case there are any microsoft lawyers who read this). meet the new boss, ozzie (no, not this ozzy) this one.

oh, the picture at the top is just to show that no matter how much trouble you get into early in life you still have a chance to, you guessed it, change. bill didn’t do too bad for himself now did he?

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