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News and where to get it plus Mel Gibson


as we all know, the middle east seems to be imploding by the minute. we can’t seem to get a handle on iraq and now isreal and pretty much anyone else are trying to kill each other. so, if you want all the bad news, i’m sure there are a few places around the net where you can get your fill.

if you have no clue where to go, following are a few suggestions. if you are like me, you like to get your news with a little opinion thrown in. hopefully, said opinion is an informed one and makes for an interesting read. the following links fill those criteria, at least for me. there are countless others but these also have a certain level of writing quality which i can only aspire to. i don’t always agree with what’s being said on these sites but they are rarely borning:

andrew sullivan

the drudge report

daily kos

and if you lean more to the right:

the huffington post

ace of spades hq

or, there are the more traditional sites such as:

the washington post

slate magazine


the los angeles times

and, if you are less interested in cold hard truth and more interested in cold hard truth mixed with humor, try this:

the onion

and be sure to watch:

the daily show with john stewart

the colbert report

now don’t you feel much more informed and ready to speak at parties and not sound like an idiot? these sources of information can help you but you have to also keep in mind that drinking six beers and then trying to talk to people doesn’t make you smarter, it just makes you drunk. and many times drunk people are just annoying and say really stupid things that, of course, they don’t mean. let’s all learn a lesson from mel gibson, shall we?

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