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ipods, nasa, elections and other important stuff

my man zach is running for office in sherman oaks. if you live in sherman oaks, make sure to get out and vote for him. that is, if you can vote. for the full story, check out his site here.


and, aol fires some people for releasing users search data. gee, people get fired for making mistakes these days? interesting concept. perhaps they could give some direction to our friends in washington?

also, nasa’s world wind could give google earth a run for its money. check it out. its cool.


and ipods go to war.

also, for you windows users, here’s the “mother of all windows tweak guides”.

and, apple is rather miffed at some of its employees who downloaded the beta of leopard form the internet somewhere. heads rolled.

and last, but certainly not least, you can apparently make money from blogging. at least according to cnn money. oh, if only it were true.

well, if it is true, how about clicking on one of those add links on the left so i can get my 2 cents or whatever it is? thanks.

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