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Five years.


Five years? Damn, five years seems like a long time. It isn’t really. I only wish I could feel better about things like how our government is handling our safety. But from where I sit it seems like we are less safe than we were before.

I’ll feel better when our current President is out of office. Perhaps then we can have a leader that builds alliances instead of tearing them down, puts his people’s welfare in front of his own fundamentalist agenda and generally tries to ensure that what happened five years ago does not happen again. Ever.

It’s a very important goal and one that I hope our next President takes to heart. I wonder, though, with the current crop of Democrats, who that might be. Kerry? Gore? Clinton? Who knows. Whoever it is, I hope they are prepared to learn from the past so they are not doomed to repeat it. Smart person, whoever said that. Can’t remember. Maybe it was me.

I was remembering where I was five years ago today as many people are, I’m sure. I was in bed when we got the first phone call telling us to turn on the TV and that we had been attacked. Attacked? What does that mean? So, I crawled out of bed, went into the living room and turned on the TV. I didn’t get up again for at least twelve hours.

Everyone knows the images of that day and everyone should remember them. I know I will never forget.

If you want more about today, go here, here, here or here.

Also, here’s writer Cory Doctorow’s first post from the morning five years ago. Even now, it was hard for me to read it. I didn’t blog back then. Don’t know if I would have been able to anyway.

To brighten things up a bit and get a little humor, try this. Although, this one may make you angry more than it makes you laugh. I had both reactions. I will say that the laughter helps you get through the anger so try it, it may help you. It did for me.

At least for a little while.

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